szombat, július 28

27th of July, the day the world finally realised that Britain is the greatest country in the history of forever.

Yay! Please, do not expect normal, calm or understandable post, because I can't! I can't. The Olympic Ceremony was awesome! Awesome and flawless, and breathtaking... and I can't say much more.
Oh well, I've waited it days before, I dressed up as the Hungarian flag, I didn't care about my love for Great Britain, or Russia, if there is Hungary. 
I was only following it on television, and as I told dad, the Tumblr exploded. And yes, my feelings were the same! I was proud of being Brithis even though I'm not... And and and... Kenneth Branagh, Voldemort, Mary Poppins, J.K. Rowling reading Peter Pan, Rowan Atkinson, Arctic Monkeys, Sir Paul McCartney... Seeing the whole ceremony live is like being there. OMG! We recorded it I'm sure I'll watch it later and not just one more time. I was screaming, applausing, singing, jumping and almost dancing. I'm just so happy... 
Oh well. From now on till August the 12th I'll be sitting in front of the tv. Go Hungarians, go! We love you.
I love you. I love the Olympics! And when the Hey Jude was played and everyone was singing... I realised that it's still not about money. It's about friendship and fair play and friendship.

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