hétfő, július 30

Got that summertime sadness...

Oh well. Tomorrow is the last day of July... And I'm going to my grandmother with my parents, It'll be good, I think. But I just don't know. I have less than two weeks till the language exam, so I won't know the word: free time for at least 13 days.
BUT! Yesterday we were having a Batman marathon. And it was amazing! Few of my thoughts: Oh my God, oh my God! Ehy I haven't seen them before? Noo, he can't be! Oh my God. He's beautiful. Gary Oldman! I love you, Alfred. He has nice eyes. He's a genius. He is crazy, but genius. I love you, Tom Hardy. Inception reunion. Whoa, that was scary. UNo, he can't be dead, I saw him in the trailer of the last film... Marion Cotillard is beautiful. No she can't be bad. Why don't they go on hands and knees? Are they stupid? Oh my God! Oh! I love it! It was amazing! Flawless. I want to watch them again.
So yep, we had a great time. After the cinema we were talking in front of the building for an hour. Then came home. Sleep. 

Oh God, I just don't know. I have summertime sadness.

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