vasárnap, július 15

It's harder than I expected

But I don't really care about it.
So. On Friday Tomi came over and we were practising English for one and a half hour, we managed to finish two of the topics and I realised that he knows more words and expressions than me. And it's freaking scary! I'll start learning and writing down the words as soon as I get up from the computer, but I have my code to the tests online, so I will start writing a few at the moment when I find them. 
Later on Friday we went to the high-rise, but the meeting ended soon, so we came back and ate sandwiches like the Americans: marmalade & peanut butter. I went to bed half past two a.m. but it was totally worth it. On Saturday we slept until one p.m. Then I was just wandering around the flat, at five o'clock Petra came and we went to Szabi's place. where we watched short videos, ate loads of junk food and snacks, played Honfoglaló, and around eleven p.m. went to the high-rise. Because. Because there was a Jupiter coverage. We stayed up till dawn, and got home about half past five, but it was amazing. Seeing the Jupiter behind the Moon, below them the Venus. Before it, around one o'clock there was stormy wind, it also blew away us. I enjoyed the night. And after seeing the rising sun, the waking town I wasn't even sleepy. Not at all. I was jumping, clapping my hands, laughing all the time... I was happy. I don't say that I'm a morning person, but I really like being awake while most people are sleeping. There was this true quote on Tumblr: it’s not that I’m not a morning person, I’m not a waking up person.
So yeah. We went to bed ten minutes before our parents woke up, and we woke up after two p.m. and did nothing all day. As I sad before, it was worth it.

photo made by Szabi

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