csütörtök, július 12

Oh well. There is only one month left


I am going to have an English language exam on 11th August, and I feel nervous. I haven't done anything except for some exercises in a few books, and I've written quite a few letters so far and that's all. 
Yesterday I was chatting with a friend of mine in Enlgish, and I will with another who is going to have the same exam as me, at the same time, same place. We were classmates, so practising would be easy with him, I think. 
The only problem is time. I should have started learning months before, not just now, but whatever. I know I'll manage to do it, not just with an acceptable, but with a really satisfying result. Till then I'll only write my blog and my tweets in English, watch movies in English with original subtitle, read books in English... I have one month, I'll do everything and more for it. 
I am determined now, and it feels so good (loving you).

No need for words.

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