kedd, augusztus 7

Keep calm and carry on!

I lost my ambition and enthusiasm around Friday... No, I think I didn't have any enthusiasm about the exam, maybe in June, but now. No way. I just watched the display for hour doing nothing. I was careless and aimless. But I decided to carry on (my wayward son) and learn. And practise. I have less than a week till the exam, I do have to learn as much as I can! Really, why was I so idiotic?
Yesterday I looked through my vocabulary and practised with Tomi, today we went to our english teacher and we succeeded. I think I don't have problems in neither in speaking nor in reading comprehension, but in letter writing or listening... Well. They aren't horrible, not at all, but I have a few mistakes. These mistakes aren't so serious, but I'm still worried about them.

So... from now on: listening, practising and no life. And no internet. Oh...

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